Top 8 Items to Keep in Your Car

Bug-Out-Bag-homeBug Out Basics: Your Bug-Out Vehicle Checklist

According to Oli Fischer, timing is crucial and in an emergency situation there’s normally no time to pack.

How will you actually get out of dodge? Tell me you aren’t planning to hike out to that remote cabin in the middle of the woods are you? I didn’t think so.

The bug-out location for the majority of us (whether it’s a family farm or a relative’s house) is going to be way out of walking distance. To reach your bug-out location you will most likely be traveling by car. So it is safe to say that your family vehicle is going to be your “bug-out” car. All across the country, Americans rely on their cars for everyday use, but most of us have never even imagined that our car would be depended upon during a survival situation. It is time to take a good, long serious look at your car.

If ever you plan to “bug-out” of an urban area, your entire success or failure will come down to one thing, your bug-out vehicle.

What Makes a Good Bug-Out Vehicle?

Contrary to what you’re most likely expecting me to say such as “all-terrain tires,” or “four-wheel-drive” being the most important features of a good B.O.V., but these are nowhere close to the top of the checklist.

Of course these are great features to have.

Sure, those are nice-to-haves, but these are not anywhere near the top of your checklist.  Everything comes down to one thing, plain and simple, dependability.

It doesn’t really matter if you drive a Honda, a Lexus, a Prius, or even an armored Humvee, but if your car has shoddy tires, a history of overheating, or any other reliability issues… it’s immediately disqualified from being counted as a bug-out vehicle.

Your car will probably have to compete against massive traffic jams and road debris even more so than the need to deflect RPGs or climb a mountain.

Regular car maintenance is essential.

Here’s a simple checklist of routine maintenance and necessary items that you should keep a running inventory of in your B.O.V.

  1. Extra motor oil
  2. Spare tire, lug wrench, jack
  3. Extra water/coolant
  4. Jumper cables
  5. Extra fuel (2-5 gallons)
  6. Tire repair kit
  7. Tire pump
  8. Hand tools (screwdrivers, ratchet set, etc.)

Tactical Considerations

If you have the time and resources, you might consider designating one of your daily drivers as your bug-out vehicle. As your emergency survival budget allows, you can gradually upgrade it. Then all the fun features like 4-wheel drive and all-terrain tires come into the picture.

Pickup trucks are fantastic bug-out vehicles, not only because of their capacity to store but also their higher ground clearance, but SUVs provide more seating and better fuel economy in most cases. Even a sedan can be a absolutely great bug-out vehicle, as long as you ensure that it has good tires.

The benefit of having a survival vehicle is the fact that it can give your family far greater storage capacity than your bug-out bags alone. With weight not being an issue, extra drinking water, food supplies, and larger firearms (rifles and shotguns) can be transported in your car.

Just to clarify, these larger items and supplies are in addition to what is already in your bug-out bag. Like your bug-out bags, these items should also be packed and stored in an easily accessible location where you can throw them in the car within a moment’s notice. It’s part of what I call your “5-Minute Crisis Inventory.”

The Best 3 Shotguns for Home Defense

The Best 3 Shotguns for Home Defense

10You know those movie scenes where the hero is in an intense home defense situation, and brings out a semi-auto pistol or a Dirty Harry style .357 revolver. Why these guns? Oli Fischer is here to tell you.

1.) Hollywood movie producers pretty much nothing about guns.

2.) If the hero was carrying a pumped shotgun, these shootout scenes wouldn’t last nearly as long. In order to create a top cinematic shootout scene many shots have to be fired, with most of them missing the target. If you know anything about firearms, you can probably guess where we’re headed with this…

Why the 12-Gauge Pump is the Ideal Home Defense Weapon

There is pretty much no chance of escape when it comes to a shotgun blast. You can be a professional assailant; or skilled in martial arts, but it makes no difference. The person pulling the trigger could be an 80-year-old-woman with the attacker being an NFL linebacker; the result will still be exactly the same.

This is precisely why owning a 12-gauge pump shotgun, is the perfect single firearm for home protection purposes.

1. Point and Shoot

The number one reason I recommend the 12-gauge pump as “the” indispensable, must-own firearm is that, in close range situations, it’s very hard to miss your target entirely.

The great thing about shotguns is that for people with little gun training, this gun is perfect, as it shoots a spread of tiny pellets, AKA “shot,” rather than a single bullet, requiring less aiming skills.

In a home defense scenario, the shotgun is more of a “point and shoot” weapon.

On the news, we often hear about police shootouts in which numerous bullets are fired from close range, and yet no one was injured. This outcome would be highly unlikely if one of the officers was carrying a 12-gauge pump. Are the police watching too many movies?

Unlike other guns, a shotgun, only a small percentage of these pellets need to hit their mark in order to subdue a threat. Luckily for those of you out there without training, you don’t need to be a highly skilled marksman. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t receive some proper training in order to operate a shotgun safely and proficiently.

2. Deterrence

Secondly, Oli Fischer recommends this weapon above others simply because of the sound the pump makes when a shell is loaded into the chamber. This pump-action “click-click” sound is almost immediately recognized by criminals all over the world, it’s like an international language.

Let’s paint a picture from the intruder’s perspective for a moment, shall we? Imagine you’re a professional burglar and you’ve just managed to gain entry to a home, it’s pitch black inside, and you believe that you have entered undetected…

Then you hear “click-click” of someone upstairs jacking a shell into the chamber. What would you do?

With this sound alone, you can send even the most determined trespassers back through the window they just pried open. That’s the beauty of the pump-action shotgun, as opposed to other designs — it has a built-in warning signal.

With this sound, you will be able to determine the trespasser’s mental state as well as his intentions.

If the trespasser retreats quietly, you may never have to use violence. The threat alone was sufficient enough to defend yourself.

3. Maximum Localized Damage, Minimal Collateral

As we have clearly explained above, the shotgun’s spread pattern makes it very effective to shoot at close range, highly capable of inflicting major damage. It is extremely hard to miss your target entirely.

On the other hand, compared to other firearms, shotguns have a much more limited range.

During a home defense scenario, the shotgun’s limited range has some certain advantages for your family and neighbors.

Basic firearm safety requires that you ALWAYS know what lies beyond your target. In the event of a home invasion, knowing what is on the other side of a wall is not always possible. If you happen to share a wall with a neighboring unit, this becomes an even greater danger.

Unlike a bullet from a rifle or pistol, a shotgun blast releases a cluster of small projectile that have less mass, and thus less momentum to push through objects like walls.  I’m not saying that shotguns can’t penetrate sheetrock; they’re just not as likely to emerge through the other side of the wall with deadly force.

The Top 3

A lot of new firearm manufacturers have made it to the market within the last few years, but we like to stick with the tried and true favorite originals. These shotguns can be purchased for well under $450 bucks. We have even seen two of these models on sale for under $300 at a local sporting goods store.

pic-2012-08-08-remington-870-shotgunRemington 870

The Remington 870 is one of America’s classic shotguns. Used by law enforcement, border patrol, and the military for decades. It’s a favorite.

That’s a testament to the strength of its design. The Remington 870 has earned the well-deserved reputation as a weapon that is easy to use, extremely reliable, and virtually never fails.

The 870 comes offered in a variety of styles and finishes, with short stocks and pistol grip configurations available.  This sporting stock pictured nearby is not necessarily ideal for home defense, but this configuration is highly affordable.

Mossberg 500 Home Defense

True to its name, the Mossberg Home Defense shotgun is completely outfitted for one application. This gun comes in a beautiful matte finish with tactical grips with some models even having a gnarly looking flash suppressor.

Even the suppressor itself is equipped with teeth, allowing the gun to be used as a stabbing weapon in case you run out of shells, but the Mossberg’s Home Defense shotgun holds 6 shells plus one in the chamber, so it’s unlikely that you will run out of ammo.

You may consider this a slight overkill, especially because — even though they improve the home defense capabilities of this shotgun — each of these upgrades hinder the Home Defense shotgun in other applications. In other words, this is not a home defense weapon that can double up as a bird gun.

Winchester Super X Pump Defender

Having a matte finish and a relatively short barrel design, in order to throw a wide pattern of shot, the Defender is an superb home defense option. It can also be used with buckshot or slugs for hunting purposes.

This gun functions as a survivalist double-whammy, as it is well suited for hunting and home defense. Plus, you’re a heck of a lot more likely to use a hunting shotgun. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it to defend your home.

The asking price is extremely reasonable and you really can’t go wrong with this Winchester model. It’s not quite as versatile as the Remington 870, though it’s slightly better suited for a home defense setting than Remington’s base model.


Sadly, there are no reliable non-lethal settings for a gun. Firearms are to be used as a last resort in a conflict scenario and their use rests entirely under your personal rules of engagement.

It is important that every gun owner considers long and hard about the scenarios in which they may have to resort to deadly force.

Still, if you were to find yourself in one of these situations, any one of these three 12-gauge pump shotguns would put you at great advantage over an intruder.

The Real Deal With Oli Fischer

The Real Deal With Oli Fischer

Who is Oli Fischer? Is he real? Is he a survival expert? Is Oli Fischer a scammer? All of these legitimate questions going through my mind. It wasn’t until I began to take a closer look till I had these questions answered.

Now I oli fischercame across Oli Fischer, when my search for survival tips and courses began. I’d always had an interest in emergency survival methods, tips, and guides, but with the way America’s current state is I decided to start taking my hobby a little more seriously. You never know when something could happen, hurricane, earthquake, economic collapse, war, etc. so it’s best to be constantly equipped for the unexpected.

I love learning, but I want to learn from the best out there. Having an emergency survival plan isn’t a trivial matter and can’t be left to chance, so for me, learning from the top survival experts out there was really vital. I wanted to learn from someone who didn’t teach unusable theories. I wanted hard-core solutions to possible situations that might occur.

My interest was caught after seeing some of Oli Fischer’s videos. They consisted of logical points and realistic solutions. It turns out that Oli is a local Texan, with a family, and over ten years of research and experience in survival preparedness industry. I could relate to him and his passion to help fellow Americans become self-sufficient and solve problems during a crisis, was apparent. I didn’t feel pushed into buying anything that wasn’t essential. I was simply presented with current and approaching problems and solutions that we as Americans are going to be dealing with.

I didn’t have to think twice about spending the $47 to get started. To me, it was a small, necessary investment for my future and well-being. Plus, the materials I received for the money spent was far more valuable than the asking price. Although I had already been somewhat educated in survival vigilance, I still benefit greatly from Uncensored Survival. There is so much practical knowledge packed into this product and they still included three free fantastic bonuses. My favorite free bonus had to be the Fast Action Family Prep Guide. It really gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to get your family prepared for any disaster. It’s broken down in easy to understand guidelines, making it simple for you and your family to get started.

I’m thoroughly satisfied with Uncensored Survival and I want all the people I care about to benefit from this material. A huge thanks to Oli Fischer for helping me, help others be prepared for what is impending upon all of us.

Oli Fischer

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